Wolverine Fireworks stocks a tremendous variety of fireworks products for use in our custom designed traditional displays. Multi-effect barrage devices, exhibition low level effect fronts of comets and mines, large precision candle scenes, traditional aerial shell styles, state of the art graphic pattern shells give our shows an exciting flare. Each traditional display is a unique production designed by your Wolverine Fireworks project manager. Prior to each show our experienced project manager will conduct a thorough site evaluation to begin the process of designing the most effective display for your venue.  There is no obligation for a consultation by phone or in person. Our project managers are constantly visiting customers and show sites around the Midwest.


A fireworks show choreographed to music is the next step of pyrotechnic entertainment.
These multi- media productions combine two tremendously powerful mediums. Wolverine Fireworks has the technology, creative personnel and expert pyrotechnicians to design and deliver world class pyro-musical entertainment. Our production staff can produce a digital soundtrack to your specifications. Patriotic, Sports related, Rock, Country, Classical, Beach Music, Big Band, Little Band, any band, if you can describe it we can produce it. Wolverine Fireworks pyro-musical productions are designed and computer fired using the industries most advanced software and digital show hardware.


An impactful way to add awesome precision pyrotechnic effects to a smaller venue.
Designated as 1.4g pyrotechnics, Close Proximity pyrotechnics can be used in situations where large caliber 1.3g pyrotechnics are not an option due to separation distances from an audience. In venues were the show location is less than 75’ from spectators, Close Proximity effects are the best option. These effects are often used at events like NACSAR pre-race ceremonies, college and NFL pre-game player intros and scoring shots, Minor and Major League Baseball home run shots, and myriad of special events that benefit from the unparalleled impact of close proximity pyrotechnics. These products can be fired from stages, rooftops, floating platforms, bridges, light towers, you name it. Our project managers can evaluate any venue to determine if Close Proximity Pyro is an option for your next event.


Everything you need for the “Wow” factor under one roof.
The Silver Dome in Detroit and many other buildings capable of hosting large scale events often incorporate indoor pyrotechnics to impact sporting events, corporate event, concerts and stage performance of all kinds. Indoor pyrotechnics are a specialty product designed specifically for indoor events.